Maurice Stephens

Maurice Stephens is the founder of Telos Voyager and a software engineer and technologist based in Los Angeles. Originally raised in the South Florida immigrant community, he attended the magnet program at Blanche Ely High School and eventually graduated with a bachelor of science from Thornton School of Music at USC. Maurice spent the first years of his career in post-production and visual effects working on high profile motion pictures and marketing campaigns including Titanic, Pearl Harbor, AI and the X Files Movie. After developing an interest and a knack for database schemas, he went on to become a web application developer and continued working on high profile projects for clients such as the Mandalay Bay Casino and Coachella Valley Music Festival. He went on to become active in the LA startup community, most recently with the group collaboration app Troop, where, along with former Troop CTO John Hauge, he founded a blockchain startup built on the EOSIO platform. Today he is focused on growing the Telos blockchain community and plans to work on adoption initiatives in underrepresented regions - Colombia and Hawaii - where the two founders have their family roots.

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Session 8: Community (9:00 PM-9:45 PM UTC)

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