Jim Hewitt

Jim Hewitt is the operations manager at Telos UK. After gaining a postgraduate certificate in education from Leicester University in 1994, Jim began a 20-year career in education. This culminated in the position of Assistant Head Teacher for the Nottingham Greenwood Academy Trust. The role included being responsible for data, reporting and timetabling. Jim has experience working with many databases and off the shelf education programs such as CMIS, SIMS, SISRA and also SharePoint. Having ultimately ended up working with data Jim decided to pursue a career in this direction and for the last 3 years has managed the operations at Advanta Productions. Jim majored in History and has always had a fascination with the industrial revolution and is now particularly interested in the potential of EOS to be the driving force behind the “new” industrial revolution.

Sessions contributing

Sessions: 4 - Wallets and Voting from a user perspective (5:15 PM-5:55 PM UTC)
5 - Governance, Risk and Compliance (6:00 PM-6:45 PM UTC)
8 - Community (9:00 PM-9:45 PM UTC)

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