Jesse Schulman

Jesse is an early member of the Telos Launch Group and has made a big impact as co-chair of the network maintenance group.  He is focused on the technical side of things, and has made contributions across the board such as authoring and implementing the TIP3 snapshot contract as well as helping many new BPs learn the nuances of eosio software and what it takes to get up and running on the testnet.  As co-founder of, he along with his partner Don will be block producer candidates on the Telos network running their own self-funded bare metal infrastructure, they are working to learn and share as much as possible about tuning the eosio software for optimal performance, making sure users of the Telos network are billed as little CPU as possible for their transactions.

Sessions contributing

Sessions: 3 - Technology (4:15 PM-5:00 PM UTC)
7 - DApps (8:00 PM-8:45 PM UTC)

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