Jan Smit

Jan is The Telos Foundation Interim RAM Administration Director. He manages the Telos Foundation's efforts to stabilize the Telos RAM market by publishing a Published Guidance Price and non-binding Advice to Block Producers regarding future RAM releases. Jan with DutchEOS is a respected member of the Telos Contributors Group. DutchEOS was one of the original 12 organizations who participated in the Telos announcement. Since that time, Jan has contributed to several working groups and visibly represented Telos at the London Hackathon and blockchain conference in September. Jan has a background in investing and has agreed to be bound by the trading restrictions regarding secrecy and trading TLOS RAM on his own account or that of his organization while serving as the RAM Administration Director.

Sessions contributing

Session 5: Governance, Risk and Compliance (6:00 PM-6:45 PM UTC)

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