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Telos-21Zephyr is the Telos initiative from 21Zephyr, we want to encourage and help build the new Telos blockchain by providing reliable data management and secure processing of blockchain interactions to help make the Telos blockchain stronger.  We are a blockchain company who has been involved in many of the most innovative and important blockchain initiatives, including Telos sister chain EOS.  We have a data center, located in the Champaign, Illinois.  We are passionate about the blockchain community and we are here to serve the technological and security needs of the community. 


GoodBlock™ works to make blockchain tech more accessible for everyone. It has years of experience operating network nodes on over thirty different blockchains. GoodBlock validates transactions on proof-of-stake networks like bitcoin, proof-of-stake networks like NEM, hybrids like Dash, and delegated-proof-of-stake, such as EOS.

GoodBlock is currently one of the leaders in the creation of the Telos network – the first new blockchain built on EOSIO – the same software that power’s EOS. Telos will be a blazing fast DPOS network for exciting new Dapps. The whole team is taking part in writing new code and building a thriving community for Telos. You can see more at TelosFoundation.io.