Douglas Horn

Douglas wrote the Telos white paper and served as the chief architect during the launch, proposing many of the key Telos features. He was a contributing author of each of the Telos core governance documents and has written articles, created videos, been interviewed and spoken at blockchain conferences, summits, and meetups to spread the word about Telos to the widest possible audience.

Sessions contributing

1 - General Introduction (3:00 PM-3:20 PM UTC)
2 - Introduction to Telos, Airdrops and Adoption in Telos (3:30 PM-4:10 PM UTC)
4 - Wallets and Voting from a user perspective (5:15 PM-5:55 PM UTC)
5 - Governance, Risk and Compliance (6:00 PM-6:45 PM UTC)
6 - Tokenomics (7:00 PM-7:45 PM UTC)
9 - Telos & EOSIO for Developers coming from a no blockchain background (10:00 PM-10:45 PM UTC)
10 - Telos & EOSIO for Developers coming from Ethereum or similar background (11:00 PM-11:45 PM UTC)
11 - Special features and abilities of Telos for Developers from an EOS background (00:00 AM-00:45 AM UTC)

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