Craig Branscom

Craig led the development of important functions on the Telos Blockchain Network such as the TIP-5 standard contract, voting system, Ratify/Amend functionality, and FOX exchange functions. He is also a contributor to RotateBPs and is proficient in Ethereum Dapp development. Before joining GoodBlock, Craig managed and developed Tradeblazer, a cryptocurrency trading and investment web service.

Sessions contributing

Sessions: 9 - Telos & EOSIO for Developers coming from a no blockchain background 10:00 PM-10:45 PM UTC)
10 - Telos & EOSIO for Developers coming from Ethereum or similar background (11:00 PM-11:45 PM UTC)
11 - Special features and abilities of Telos for Developers from an EOS background (00:00 AM-00:45 AM UTC)

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